Get the Job Done with the Right Water Blasting Hose

Heavy Duty Water Blasting Hose Supplier in China LUCOHOSE

Get the Job Done with the Right Water Blasting Hose

High pressure water blasting hose from LUCOHOSE is at the heart of a safe and effective way to clean, maintain and prepare any surface in an industrial, commercial, manufacturing or mining facility. Carrying water pressurized to 20,000 psi, these hoses allow water jetting systems to clean away grease, rubber and chemical deposits that would damage surfaces by wearing them out long before their expected lifetimes.

Water blasting hose from LUCOHOSE is up to this task. Manufactured and tested to the demanding standards of the water jetting industry, our hose allows companies and municipalities to keep airport runways, manufacturing plants and other locations clean and operational. Each hose reflects our 35 year heritage of quality and customer satisfaction.

Quality is Built In

We manufacture and deliver high quality water blasting hose in a variety of dimensions and strengths to meet the needs of industry. Every hose is really three hoses carefully combined together to provide key benefits. Each layer provides a key benefit to the end user.

On the outside is a synthetic rubber sheath to protect the hose from the tough environment it will encounter during its years of use. This outer shell has to be flexible and durable at the same time. It must withstand exposure to chemicals and debris that can be thrown at it by water blasting at a surface only inches away. It must withstand freezing winter temperatures and blistering hot sun.

The next layer is critical to the safe operation of the hose. This is the four or six high tensile steel spirals run the length of the High Pressure Water Blasting Hose Supplier in China LUCOHOSE hose and give it the strength and flexibility it needs to carry water pressure from the pump to the nozzle. The strength of the hose determines the number of steel spirals, and spirals are much stronger than steel braids.

Finally, the inner core of synthetic rubber carries the water itself under high pressure and speed. It must be smooth and without blemish to avoid being damaged by the water as it travels the length of the hose. Quality in manufacturing the hose is critical at every step, but none is more important than the inner core.

Putting the three layers together is only the beginning of the process. What happens at the end is absolutely critical to the safe operation of the hose, and we mean literally at the end of the hose. The ferrule and fitting are an integral part of the strength of the hose. We offer these fittings in either carbon steel or stainless steel to meet the needs of cost sensitive industries without compromising quality.

Built Like a LUCOHOSE

Every length of rubber water blasting hose we supply comes with our devotion to quality and value built into it from end to end. We have been supplying critical hoses to industry since 1985 and so we have plenty of experience in meeting the demanding needs of different applications.

Our current annual hose production is about 5 million meters, which is enough hose to run across America from Los Angles, California all the way up to Bangor, Maine. Our facility is over 105,000 square feet with 180 main processing machine set-ups and 20 quality testing machine set-ups. In addition to the hose itself, our facility manufactures 2 million fittings each year. .

We build quality into every inch. We were awarded the prestigious ISO 9001 award and strive to maintain these standards through rigorous testing and diligent management of the complete manufacturing process. Our staff includes 16 technical engineers and 140 employees focused on the goal of providing the highest quality hose at the most competitive price.

With over 30 years as an OEM and an ODM, we know and appreciate the concerns of our customers. Customer satisfaction is our only goal. We strive to meet that goal by supplying hose that makes an important contribution wherever it is installed.

Water blasting hose helps clean rubber off runways, making it safer for planes to land. It is used in marine applications to clean ships so that they travel more efficiently through the water, saving fuel and time. Our hose cleans sewers and water treatment plants, protecting both the residents of the community and a precious natural resource. It is used in industrial applications from sugar mills to steel mills, keeping presses and equipment clean and functional.

We take pride in that contribution, and would welcome the opportunity to add to the success of your business as well. Please contact us if you would like more information about our water blasting hose or any of our other products.