LUCOHOSE Installation Guide

Hydraulic Hose Application:

Hydraulic Hose used for synthetic mining, equipment of hydraulic hold and transport pressure for hydraulic system transport high pressure liquid and hydraulic conveying for engineering project, over-loading transportion, metallurgy forging and pressing, mining equipment, ships, plastic-filling machines, farm machines, all kinds of machines and the mechanization of industrial sectors, automation system. It transports hydraulic oil, fuel oil, lubricant, and air which temperature is -40℃ to +100℃


  1. The layer is made of the special kind of synthetic rubber, which has the properties of oil-resistance, heat-resistance, and aging-resistance.
  2. The tube can bear high pressure having the superior pulse property.
  3. The tube combination isclose, soft, hard to transform under pressure. The hose has the properties of anti-bending and anti-fatigue.
  4. The hose is very long. Which can reach tens of meters or even over 100 meters.
Hydraulic hose installation guide LUCOHOSE

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